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Meet Jenn

This is the story of a writer who lapsed into a brutal, five year writer's block — then found a path back into writing. The story of an adult with ADHD who struggled to push through each day — then developed ways to do what she needed to do, at home and at work. The story of a stuck person who's getting unstuck through breathwork and mindfulness and coaching — and wants to help others get unstuck, too. 

It's an awful feeling, isn't it, needing to do something, even WANTING to do something, but not being able to bring yourself to do it? For some folks, it's work projects or schoolwork. For others, it's doing the dishes, or tidying up, or even showering or brushing their teeth. And for some tortured souls, it's the writing or creative work they actually love — the art they know they were made to make. 

For me, it's all three (what can I say: I'm an overachiever). And in early 2020, I was pretty thoroughly stuck. I still called myself a writer, but other than a brief spurt of poetry writing three years ago, I'd had a pretty solid case of writer's block for the last five years (and, if I'm honest, I was partially blocked for years before that). I had just been assigned to a difficult boss at my job, and I was already burned out. I struggled with keeping my space clean, tidy, and organized. 

The pandemic brought all of those challenges into sharp relief. It felt like there was no part of my life that was actually going well. I started feeling around blindly for anything that could help. And, bit by bit, I found things that did.

First came breathwork, which brought healing and groundedness and clarity. I started studying how better to manage my ADHD. I found a writing teacher whose generative process got me writing again (and, interestingly, mirrored a lot of the ADHD techniques). I found a writing coach whose insight and focus on mindfulness moved me further along my creative path. I realized I needed an ADHD coach to really progress, and I found a good one. And I got... better. Not perfect, not without challenges, but better.

What do I mean by "better"? Within the next 18 months: I started writing again, both poems and screenplays. I finished and published my first book of poetry. I finished my first feature-length script. My first short script was a second-rounder in the Austin Film Festival screenwriting contest. I slowly found myself caught up at work. Amazing, right? I had friends over on my birthday, because my place looked great! 

Did I mention that I started WRITING again?? 

That's why I decided to become a creativity and writing coach, an ADHD coach, and a breathwork guide: so I can partner with folks like you in your creative activation using the constellation of tools, techniques, and resources that helped guide me back to myself.

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